GE WorkOut Process
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Why Constructive Conversations?

With today's speed of doing business, either local or global, the use of electronic communication exceeds face-to-face and voice-to-voice communication. But are we really communicating?

In this wired world, how do we leverage our workforce's knowledge, commitment, and enthusiasm?

Founded in 1986, C.A.Schifman and Company delivers organizational development consulting and training to national and international organizations.

The overarching theme of our work is to help our clients achieve measureable business results by designing and directing constructive conversations, engaging individuals and groups within and between functions and across levels.

Our core areas of practice are the GE WorkOut process and Leading Change (CAP) – both delivering significant, measurable benefits.

Whichever process you are interested in, it all starts with a conversation.


GE WorkOutWorkOut, Developed at GE in the late 1980's, is being used with dramatic results at hundreds of organizations world-wide.

Leading Change

WorkOut Change Acceleration Process (CAP) helps you improve your organization's change success rate.